Driven by a huge curiosity and fearless by nature, I spent my life traveling and at any latitudes I found myself. From Durbar Square in Bhaktapur to 'Tender Buttons' in New York, any details did not escape my notice. Architectural shapes, candy shops, flea markets, hardware stores, nature, art shows, book shops, people's attitude are a huge source of inspiration. Mix and match all the ideas on a board can be a form of making art and mood boards are sometimes authentic piece of art. I spend a lot of time stitching and matching all the images that inspire me. Sometimes I get carried away by making collages..
All the materials we use, metallic components, leather, fabrics, are 100% Made in Italy and come from up-cycling process. We do not ask to our suppliers to produce expressly for us, but we use the materials available in their warehouses, avoiding waste materials and converting them into something valuable. Our supply chain is an ethical one: we do not waste energy, water, polluting chemicals, among other resources. Materials get reused for the creation of a 'piece unique', according to the designer's creativity. We want to be sure that our adverse impact on the environment is as low as possible. Leather is our primary material, all the skins we use are from the food industry. We have always purchased our leather in Italy. We go directly to check one by one our pieces and we work along with our amazing artisans. We produce high end items that are durable in time. I inherited so many leather bags and coats by my grandma and those are the best gifts ever. I’m pretty sure that this won’t happen buying fast fashion.
We make your bag, all the entire manufacture process is handled in Italy by our artisans. We love to implement new technique or rediscover the traditional one. A single bag can take dozens of hours to be realized. It’s a huge privilege to be so close to the atelier, have the chance to be in direct contact with the craft-mans, learn from their immense experience and observe them at work. The production starts with the prototype and it requests several days of work. First of all we translate our idea in a paper pattern and then we essay on fabric. Once we realize the final pattern, we make a test on leather. If everything fit as I figured it out, we start with the cut. This phase is crucial: we check every imperfection before proceeding. The cut is a long operation and each bag can be composed from 50 to 1000 cuts. The next step is the assembly , for instance, all the fringes are positioned one by one, finally the sewing . We use to tailor each bag with a feather that symbolizes trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power and freedom.